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Supreme Films & Coatings Paint Protection Films (PPF) Limited Warranty
Supreme Films & Coatings (the “Manufacture”) warrants Supreme Films & Coatings paint protection film (hereinafter defined as “PPF”) as set forth herein. Manufacture warrants to the owner that for a period of (10) years (the “Warranty Period”) that the PPF material will be covered under the warranty for such things as: discoloration, delamination, bubbling and cracking. Manufacture will only warranty the PPF material if it is applied by a Supreme Films & Coatings certified installer and in accordance with the Manufacture installations procedures.  At no time will the Manufacture be responsible for improper or faulty installation of the PPF material.

The manufacture offers a limited warranty and at its discretion, will remove or replace the PPF material without charge to the customer if the PPF fails or does not perform to the manufacture standard, or has a manufacture defect within the specified warranty period in conjunction with the completed warrant information.  This warranty is expressly for PPF only and does not cover any other surface that the PPF is applied to.  If the manufacture elects to have the PPF replaced, manufacture will have an authorized installer of its choice remove and reinstall the PPF to the areas deemed by the manufacture to be replaced with the same level of material previously installed. This warranty is made solely to the original purchaser on file and is not transferable.

In order to enact a warranty for PPF material the original installer must first be notified and an inspection time and place must be arranged by the customer and installer.  Once a warranty issue has been determined by the installer, they must contact the Manufacture within 30 days of the inspection and within the “Warranty Period”.  Proof of purchase is required in order to obtain warranty coverage for any PPF material. Dealers are not authorized to change or modify this Limited Warranty in any manner at any time.
Warranty Disclaimers:
The Manufactures PPF materials must be properly handled, installed, stored, used and maintained.  The Limited Warranty does not cover certain defects caused by the following:
  1. PPF material installed on already damaged areas, including but not limited to (accidental damage, fire, hail, flood, surface rust, vandalism, paint defects or overspray, physical damage, non-OEM painted parts of vehicles, etc.);
  2. Unintended use of PPF product;
  3. Improper PPF installation techniques or processes;
  4. Improper use, storage, handling or installation of the PPF material;
  5. Damage to the PPF material due to the improper care of the material, including but not limited to, improper handling, improper washing techniques or tools or by any third party not authorized by the Manufacture;
  6. Water spots-which is a direct result of improper care to the material is not covered;
  7. Stains, scratches, discoloration due to unforeseen circumstances, such as (spills, car washes, pens, markers, paint, adhesives, gels, unapproved cleaners, etc.);
  8. Damage that occurs when it is in the customers or dealers’ possession, not a result of the Manufacture;
  9. It is up to the customer and installer to use PPF approved products that are specified and safe for use on polyurethanes or PPF materials. Manufacture is not responsible for damage to PPF by customer or installer’s use of unauthorized products. If unauthorized product is used at any time warranty is voided,
  10. The improper use of maintenance products such as, waxes (carnauba), paste products, any colored sprays or applications products, brushed car washes, heavy abrasions, solvents such as paint thinner, harsh chemicals, detergent soaps, etc. The manufacture also disclaims any damages or stains caused by outside forces.
Except as prohibited by applicable law, the Manufacture disclaims liability for any incidental, consequential, special, or punitive damages arising from any cause whatsoever, except as expressly provided herein.  The Manufacture hereby excludes and disclaims and all express warranties and, except during applicable warranty period set forth herein, also excluded and disclaims any and all implied warranties.  Installation or any use of this product in a manner that violates any laws is a misuse of the product and will void all warranties.